Kate Attends CoRP Symposium

Jul 19, 2016

The Cooperative Research Program (CoRP) Science Symposium is a combination of STAR, NOAA, and University efforts to increase remote sensing research. Attendees to the sympisum include undergraduate, graduate and early career scientists, and the theme this year was to Connect Observations Across Systems to target multidisciplinary research.

Kate Sauter presented her recent work on assessing the impacts of tropical convection on Saharan dust at the symposium. The top image shows the PATMOS-x cloud top temperature during Tropical Storm Debby, with CloudSat and CALIPSO overpasses for before, during and after the storm in the dashed blue, solid green and dashed red lines. The solid red and blue lines represent the wind advection for hours after and before the storm to portray trajectories of dust aerosols. The bottom image shows the dust aerosol optical depth during the storm. These images combine together to aid in the analysis of the dust layer during convective events.