Field Projects

The L'Ecuyer Research Group regularly participates in field projects to understanding atmospheric processes by collecting in situ and remote sensing observations. An overview of these activities can be found on our Field Work research page. Quicklook imagery and data collected from specific campaigns can be obtained through the links below.
  • The Light Precipitation Validation Experiment, LPVEx: Airborne and ground-based observations of light precipitation in the Gulf of Finland, September and October 2010. Extended period of ground-based observations of falling snow through January 2011.
  • The High Latitude Measurement of Snowfall, HiLaMS: Ground-based in situ and radar observations of cold-season precipitation in Haukeliseter, Norway (winter 2016-17) and Kiruna, Sweden (winter 2017-17).
  • The Observations of Aerosols above Clouds and their Interactions, ORACLES: Aircraft in situ and remote sensing observations of biomass burning aerosol and marine stratocumulus clouds and precipitation from September 2016, October 2017, and August 2018.