Field Work

Light Precipitation Validation Experiment (LPVEx)

The Light Precipitation Validation Experiment (LPVEx) at Helsinki, Finland

The Light Precipitation Validation Experiment (LPVEx) was an international collaboration between the United States, Finland and Canada to evaluate and improve satellite precipitation estimates at high latitudes. In situ and remote measurements of liquid and frozen precipitation from the ground, aircraft, and satellites were collected in the vicinity of Helsinki, Finland from Sept. 15 - Dec. 31, 2010. Our research group led the overall coordination and aircraft operations for the LPVEx project and we are now analyzing the data in the context of evaluating and improving CloudSats light rainfall and snowfall retrieval algorithms. For more information on the LPVEx experiment and to access field notes, data, and news visit the LPVEx website.

Canadian CloudSat/CALIPSO Validation Project (C3VP)

Canadian CloudSat/CALIPSO Validation Project (C3VP)

The Canadian CloudSat/CALIPSO Validation Project (C3VP) was conducted in southeastern Ontario, Canada, from December 2006-March 2007. Lead by the Meteorological Service of Canada, C3VP sought to provide direct evaluation of CloudSat and CALIPSO cloud retrieval algorithms through a series of coordinated underflights of the A-Train constellation. Our group operated the W-band JPL Airborne Cloud Radar (ACR) that had been mounted in a trailer for throughout the experiment, conducted all quality-control of the resulting W-band observations, and have analyzed these data to develop a new CloudSat snowfall retrieval algorithm.

GPM Cold Season Precipitation Experiment (GCPEx)

Planning is underway for a follow-on to the C3VP experiment that will seek to characterize the radiative signatures and microphysical properties of cold season precipitation. The resulting datasets will provide a resource for developing and evaluating satellite snowfall retrieval algorithms from both CloudSat and the Global Precipitation Mission (GPM). A preliminary science plan for GCPEx can be found here.