The Atmospheric Radiation and Climate Research Group is an enthusiastic group of scientists with a range of expertise covering radiative transfer, state-of-the art atmospheric remote sensing, complex data analysis, numerical modeling, and field work. We seek energetic individuals interested in pursuing careers in satellite remote sensing and global climate to join our dynamic research team. Motivated students at either the MS or PhD level and qualified post-docs are encouraged to contact us for more information.

Past Group Members

Julia Shates, PhD (2023), now at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Juliet Pilewskie, PhD (2023), now at Columbia University
Anne Sledd, PhD (2021), now at CIRES at University of Colorado Boulder
Alyson Douglas, PhD (2020), now at University of Oxford
Yun Hang, PhD (2020), now at University of Texas Health Science Center
Andrew Dzambo, PhD (2020), now at University of Oklahoma
Kai-Wei Chang, PhD (2019), now at Texas A&M University
Alex Matus, PhD (2017), now at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Ethan Nelson, PhD (2017), now at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Mark Smalley, PhD (2016), now at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Ashtin Massie, MS (2019), now at Carbon Free Electricity at RMI
Joshua Weber, MS (2018), now at CIRA Boulder
William Hahn, MS (2017), now at Atmospheric Science Technology
Kathryn Sauter, MS (2016), now at Kleinfelder Consulting
Brian Zimmerman, MS (2016), now at Salient Predictions
Erik Gould, MS (2014), now at Epic Systems
Tracey Dorian, MS (2014), now at I.M. Systems Group