AGU Fall Meeting 2017 in New Orleans

Dec 14, 2017

Many of our group members attended the American Geophysical Union's Fall Meeting in New Orleans from December 11 to December 15, 2017. During poster and oral sessions, we presented a variety of the research our group is working on.

Tristan spoke on understanding precipitation in high latitude hydrology and quantifying Arctic cloud biases in climate models using active sensors.

Ethan presented about a new departmental programming course he co-taught as well as our group work on assessments of future satellite active sensors.

Andrew had a poster on cloud attributes during the 2016 ORACLES deployment.

Claire presented during the poster session about snow observations and retrievals from the Norway instrument deployment.

April presented a poster about reassessing the energy budget based on cloud type.

Aronne presented during the poster session about xCO2 retrievals for the OCO-2 mission using CALIPSO prior estimates.

Alyson presented a poster on aerosol cloud lifetime effects.

Anne presented during the poster session about the relationship between radiative fluxes and sea ice coverage in the Arctic.