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Given the paucity of observations linking microphysics, thermodynamics, and precipitation in shallow freezing level environments, it is anticipated that LPVEx will fill a valuable data gap for rainfall algorithm evaluation and development outside the tropics. LPVEx will provide:
  • Quantitative assessment of the detection characteristics of a variety of satellite-based rainfall sensors including current PMW imagers and sounders, the CloudSat CPR, and GPM's GMI and DPR in shallow freezing level environments.
  • A robust assessment of the uncertainties in rainfall intensity estimates from these sensors.
  • An archive of high quality microphysics and rainfall intensity measurements in high latitude precipitation systems for improving the underlying assumptions in satellite rainfall algorithms and to facilitate the development of algorithms for future sensors.
  • An overall better understanding of high-latitude precipitation processes and their implications for satellite remote sensing.
These project objectives and light rain-centric outcomes are highly relevant to, and drive the synergisms between the CloudSat and GPM programs.
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