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2012-01-01 - The LPVEx Data Center is now open!
    Data can now be accessed and ordered through the LPVEx website Data Center. Create an account and log-in to search, view, and submit orders for LPVEx aircraft, ground, and satellite datasets.

2011-05-09 - LPVEx Workshop October 13-14, 2011
    LPVEx data coordination and user workshop October 13-14, 2011 in Helsinki, Finland. More details and registration information can be found here.

2010-08-31 - Directions to FMI
    For those participating in the experiment who will be based in Helsinki, the main base of operations will be located at the FMI main building on the Kumpula Campus. The address is Erik Palménin aukio, 00560, HELSINKI and is very easily reachable by the public transportation (tram and bus). Detailed information, photos and map about transportation connections can be found here

2010-09-15 - Latest Helsinki Forecast
    Click here for the latest long-range forecast for the Helsinki area.

2009-09-07 - Personnel Schedule and Contact Information Added
    The latest schedules and contact information for all personnel in the field can be found here Please send any updates to the LPVEx site administrators.

2010-09-05 - Real-Time Mission Monitoring Tool
    Click here to access NASA's Real-Time Mission Monitoring Tool for the LPVEx experiment.

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