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Ground Instrumentation - (Ground Sensors)
  • Disdrometers: 2DVD (2) and Parsivel (6-10)
  • 10 rain gauges
  • 5 SWE probes
  • ADMIRARI Radiometer (total LWP)
  • 3 C-band Doppler radars (fully adaptable scanning geometry)
  • 2 Precipitation Occurrence Sensing Systems (POSS)
  • UHF Wind Profiler
  • 3 Micro Rain Radars (MRR)
  • SMEAR aerosol/flux tower
  • 6 Ceilometers
  • Sounding system and expendables at Jarvenpaa (twice daily soundings from St. Petersburg, Tallinn, and Jokioinen)

Aircraft - (Wyoming King Air)
  • W-band cloud radar
  • Water content: DMT, Gerber, Nevzorov
  • Microphysics: 2D-P, CIP, CDP (FSSP/2D-C)
  • Aerosol: PCASP-100X, UWYO CCNC-100A
  • Ancillary: RH, T, altitude, wind speed

Research Vessel - (RV Aranda)
  • Weather mast with disdrometers installed
  • Vaisala sounding system
  • Oceanographic measurements (conductivity, temperature, depth, Accoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), etc.)

Experiment Layout

Field Site Locations
  • Emäsalo: 60.203802 N, 25.625454 E
  • Harmaja: 60.104436 N, 24.974771 E
  • Järvenpää: 60.484466 N, 25.081996 E
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