Aerosol Direct Radiative Effect

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This dataset contains gridded (2.5 degree resolution) aerosol direct radiative effects and forcing derived using multi‐sensor observations from the A‐Train satellite constellation, which provides detection of aerosol and cloud fields in three dimensions. Aerosol forcing values are derived using newly derived observation-based radiative kernels coupled with aerosol inventories from SPRINTARS.

Files are separated by annual and seasonal time ranges for all-sky, clear-sky, and all-sky minus clear-sky. Each file contains the gridded aerosol direct radiative effect, aerosol direct radiative forcing, observation-based aerosol radiative kernels, aerosol optical depth from CALIPSO, and the change in aerosol optical depth from SPRINTARS; they are also provided for each individual aerosol species.

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Matus, A. V., L'Ecuyer, T. S. and Henderson, D. S.: New Estimates of Aerosol Direct Radiative Effects and Forcing From A-Train Satellite Observations, Geophysical Research Letters, 46(14), 8338- 8346, 2019, doi: