Global Data

Currently, the data used in WALRUS papers are linked below. We aim to add additional variables as well as ungridded data as time allows.

WALRUS 2007-2010 monthly mean data

This file contains 2007-2010 of WALRUS observations. Land areas are filled with -9999 while areas with no data are filled with -999.

The file contains the following variables:

  • heights: the center-point height of each vertical level
  • observed_count: number of CloudSat profiles observed in a given grid box,

Each of the following variables are also included and are separated by regime. To access a specific regime, append _all, _strat, or _conv to the variable name.

  • lh: full profile of net latent heating in K/day,
  • rr: surface rainfall rate in mm/day,
  • retrieved_count: number of WALRUS retrievals in a given grid box,
  • lh_int: pressure-integrated column net latent heating in K/day,
  • lh_only_int: pressure-integrated column latent heating only in K/day,
  • lc_only_int: pressure-integrated column latent cooling only in K/day,
  • lc_below_int: pressure-integrated latent cooling below condensational layer in K/day,
  • lc_above_int: pressure-integrated latent cooling above condensational layer in K/day.

Integrated quantities are calculated on the net latent heating profiles after monthly averaging.

If you have any problems with this file, please contact Ethan Nelson.