April Hang

PhD Candidate
PhD Topic: 
Cloud Radiative Heating
Completed in 2016
MS Topic: 
Cloud Radiative Effects
Completed in 2013
BS Major: 
Atmospheric Science
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Room 1321
1225 West Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53706
Student Bio: 

April Hang is a Ph.D candidate in Environment and Resourses affiliated with Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a graduate certificate in Energy Analysis and Policy. Hang earned her M.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and Sc.B. in Atmospheric Science. Hang's research employ computer models and satellite data to understand links between cloud regimes, Earth's energy budget, and climate. Hang's research interests include air pollution, public health, environmental policy, and science communication. Hang is active in hiking, dancing, and running.  

Research Highlights